It took a year after my trip to Europe took me to France but the fourth Eurock book  is now available. It details what I experienced on my trip. Unlike the previous books this one focuses primarily on a more specific topic. « The Music of Gilbert Artman & Urban Sax » documents the creative journey and music of one of our generation’s greatest artists and musical innovators Gilbert Artman.

The book is not intended to be an academic history, but instead more like a listener’s guide exploring his diversity of artistic ideas and concepts as well as chronicling the excellence of his work through its various musical incarnations.

There are Reviews of all his various music albums, Interviews about his past and future projects, LOTS of original Urban Sax Photos & Art + actual Urban Sax Music Scores. In addition, there is a Special Features section filled with Reviews of the many albums I was given by old and new French friends during the trip as well as Interviews featuring LOTS of Photos & Art.

In my mind, this book certainly offers ample evidence that Gilbert has been the catalyst for some of the most incredible musical creativity in France, as well as International contemporary music history.

In a sense this books also serves as a personal diary chronicling my coming of age and discovery of music+ my journey through the 45+ years of creating Eurock and living a miraculous life.

The book comes in a Black & White Photo Edition & beautiful Special Full Color Photo Edition. You can order now from the links below…

AMAZON -EUROCK The Music of G.Artman & Urban Sax