By Archie Patterson

The aim of the underground is the creation of a second culture, one that will not be dependent on the official channels of communication, social recognition, and the hierarchy of values lain down by the establishment. A culture that helps those who embrace it rid themselves of the skepticism, which says nothing can be done when those who make the culture desire little for themselves and much for others. – Ivan Jirous/ Plastic People of the Universe

There has indeed been a Revolution carried out in both Music & Culture. For a time during the 1960s, artists outside the mainstream made music that inspired people to dream and keep hope alive. Read what the various writers have to say in Music & the Second Culture Crash then come to your own conclusions about how music today was been impacted and who won the cultural war.


Foreword Peter Moser; Archie Patterson, Mick Farren, Ivan Jirous, Joe Carducci, Michael Beinhorn, Doktor Bob, Tom Cramer, Samuel Máynez Champion, Florian Fricke, Dominique Grimaud, Gérard Nguyen, Ulrich Rützel, Fizzè Mensch, Adehoum Arbane and Robert J. Silverstein.

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